New Year Message from Fr. Dr. K M George

*A New Year Message*

As we step into a New Year tonight may I greet most warmly all members of
the SGOS and all our beloved friends and associates across the world.

The beginning of a new year is an occasion of rejoicing and hope.

One of the most puzzling mysteries for us human beings is our future. No one
knows what will happen to us the next moment. We are totally ignorant of our
future. There are people who run to astrologers, soothsayers and mediums
with the hope that they would get some inkling of their future. But they are
ultimately disappointed because no human agency can accurately foretell
what is in store for us. Most people experience deep anxiety and fear about
future. A lot of our health-damaging stress comes from this hidden fear of
the uncertainty of future. Fear of future is ultimately fear of death!

It is said that the human being is a *hoping *animal. To the best of our
knowledge humans are the only beings who demonstrate hope about future.
This is certainly a gift from God. But we need to constantly refine and
polish this gift of hope in a Christian manner

St Paul tells us that there are three “abiding” divine gifts: Faith, Hope
and Love. (I *Cor.* 13:13). This is the only Christian answer to the threat
and terror of future.

Faith, Hope and Love are closely inter-related. Put them in any order or any
combination. They still have the same meaning and connection. *Faith* in God
our Creator and Redeemer brings with it hope and love. In the same way, *
Hope* in our loving God who cares for us brings with it faith and love.
Similarly *Love* brings with it faith and hope. St Paul marks out Love as
the key to all other gifts.

We need to worry because most of the New Year celebrations in our world turn
out to be senseless drinking bouts and orgies. Even our once serene Kerala
outwits many other places in India in getting drunk and spending incredible
amounts of money for the consumption of alcohol.

Let us pray that the New Year merry-making be not drenched in alcohol and
unwholesome amusements.

Let not the new year bring increased road accidents, quarrels, immorality,
ruptures in family bonds, breaking of long -time friendships.

Let not the new year morning bring weeping and lamentation, hurt feelings
and swollen faces, remorse and broken bonds…

* *

*Instead, *

Let our New Year 2011 be brightened up with the precious gifts of *Faith,
Hope and Love.*

Let us continue in *Praying, Caring and Sharing* for each other and for our
world at large.

Let us place our *hope in Jesus Christ our Lord, Crucified and Risen*. He is
our Future - dependable and never changing.

Let us follow the model of Saint Gregorios of Parumala who demonstrated
faith, hope and love in Christ in an exemplary manner.

A very Blessed New Year to all.

- Fr K.M. George