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“SERAPHINA”- A Must Read

The exquisite bird painting and the beautiful poetic and philosophical text that accompanies it are by Vineeth Mathew, a Bangalore-based engineer-artist working with a global firm. Having received advanced professional training at Carnegie-Mellon and the MIT, Vineeth skillfully combines his inborn artistic talents and creative thinking with the demanding professional work. In this piece the artist, who usually shies away from limelight, relates how by pure accident and serendipity, the cute, blue-feathered visitor bird reawakens the “dormant artist” in him and enters i nto his deeper self,-the inner canvas, – as well as the outer canvas – a simple sheet of paper. Vineeth’s write up ends with a very insightful reflection on art. I was deeply moved by his meditative rumination around his ethereal etching of a mystical bird that he most evocatively names “Seraphina”.

(Fr K M George)


Seraphina Ethereal Brushstrokes: The Avian Muse at a Summit of Minds