Meditative Get-together at St. Gregorios Chapel of Transfiguration

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Kudil- Hermitage and St. Gregorios Chapel of Transfiguration

Peermedu, Idukki


The Fellowship of Saha Dharma Sangha in collaboration with the Sopana Orthodox Academy is proposing a Meditative Get-together and a Group Reflection around the theme:

“Nature and Transfiguration”

on the eve of the feast of Transfiguration at the Kudil-Hermitage, beginning with 10.30 am on Wednesday 5th August, 2015.

There will be Holy Qurbana at the St. Gregorios Chapel of  Transfiguration on the 6th August at 7:30 am.

            As the physical facilities are extremely limited we can welcome only a limited number of  people.

For information you may contact, Fr. Sanjay (9995651999),

Deacon Alex (9744062726), Deacon Jithu (9605125756)

or E-mail