Solitary Walk -11 / KMG

Solitary Walk -11

The Question


The Koval creeper plant( Ivy gourd) in my backyard adjacent to the kitchen is given all care and support. A good pandal  is erected for it to spread,  blossom and bear fruit comfortably Normally most of the tender branches happily comply with this  traditional arrangement . But some mavericks among them, like the one in the attached picture I took this morning , just refuse the  comfort zone and stretch out beyond the roof level to the unknown, to the vast sky and the far away sun. In plain air they  form themselves into question marks (?) in the reverse , and apparently not getting any answer to their question , make a circle, the symbol of eternity,  that has neither beginning nor end. The ancient Greeks would have called them eccentric philosophers. This might sound ridiculous to  us. Can simple,  fragile, and dependent plants  ever be philosophers and raise metaphysical questions??

I must confess that the regular branches of the Koval provide very good green  fruits for my vegetarian cooking, while  these strange guys are very unpredictable and of not  much use. However, I continue to be deeply puzzled by their untiring aspiration, against all odds,  to reach the Unreachable….l

{Kmg, Kovidakam, Devalokam PO, Kottayam. 21 May 2920}