“The Blessed Plant” / KMG


This painting is titled “The blessed Plant”. In St James’s Liturgy (Syriac)Jesus Christ is called the Blessed Plant.

It is interpreted to be the medicinal plant that by its sweet fragrance removes the bad odour and darkness of evil, and brings light and healing to the nations.

We may assume that the face represented is that of Jesus. In deep meditative union with God the Father he gathers the divine energy embedded in creation through the Holy Spirit and becomes himself the blessed plant that heals the world . We may also say that any human person who discerns the ultimate divine Source of creative energy in the universe through faith, hope and love can share this power of healing.

The two leaves are like hands raised to heaven to receive the gifts.

It is also the great intercessory gesture on behalf of the whole world. The plant is a cross, the tree of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

(Painting by Fr K M George Kondothra, Kottayam, Kerala, India during the Covid Lock down , 3’x2’ acrylic on wood. 1 May 2020)