Three Edges / KMG


Three  Edges / KMG (PDF File)



Every Edge is an  Opening

to the abysmal deep,

to the sky sans borders,

to the mind’s infinity.


Travel to the Edge,

Walk along the blade,

Edge into Edge’s edge,

And just fall off the edge.


Show me the Edge of the universe,

Show me the Edge of your tears,

show me the Edge of your smile.

Stay with me at the very Edge.

(15 June 2014)


Every  Edge is  a suicide point

Sui-cide is self-annihilation-

killing oneself, one’s self.

Every religion promotes it.
Self-seeking is its opposite.

It’s egotism-

centering on the self.

Every religion frowns at it.


Seeking or  frowning at,

Masking or manifesting,

It is still there-

The self..Aham


Unveil the Edge, the suicide point.

Let it jump into the gaping chasm

Let it scatter  itself in the scary gorge.

and ‘find itself in the losing  self’.



The Edge is the End.

Illuminate  its  Capital letters,

Reinvent the medieval art.

Embellish  it in rainbow colours,

just as in children’s books


The Edge is End’s edge.

Approach it

with fear and trembling.

Venerate it

with delight  and devotion.


Let every architect climb  the roof,

to the edge of her master (?) work,

like a dentist onlay it with golden crowns

and mask the edgy Edge forever


Bring your lyre and harp,

Play your violin and veena.

make music to the very Edge,

and silence the edgy Edge forever.


Still It sticks out…

Deep into the cosmic naught

far beyond heady cosmetics,

only to be garnished over and over.

(17 June 2014)